Our Current Services and Programs

The Nueva Luz Foundation offers various services for anyone who has been affected by Trauma. Through our philosophy of Understand, Cope, & Prevail, we aim to empower individuals to overcome any obstacle that they happen to face in life. Our programs are available for:

  • Veterans
  • Veterans Families/Caregivers
  • First Responders


  • Youth
  • Families
  • Individuals

The Nueva Luz Foundation is helping empower individuals on a daily basis. For us to continue in our mission, we rely on the time and talent of our board, our staff, and the community.  Our Foundation not only relies on grants but also on the generosity of individuals and businesses through generous donations and sponsorship. For information on how to help sponsor a program, donate to our cause, or get involved, click here.

The Nueva Luz Foundation has offered hope to many individuals through its programs offered. Here are our statistics for the number of people we have helped understand, cope, and prevail!

The HOPE Program

Under a grant funded by the Office of the Governor, we have been working hard with our community to help those with our Holistic Options for Positive Empowerment (HOPE) Program. In this program, we work with those who have suffered a trauma in a holistic approach that includes more than just psychotherapy, for example, we work with the children of Mercedes to help them learn about their emotions and how to control them.

Watch our video below that showcases our work with the children!

The Creative and Expressive Arts Program

This fall, the Nueva Luz Foundation launched the creative and expressive arts program!

In this program, we utilize creative and expressive arts combined therapy allowing each person to utilize their skills and talents to rebuild and strengthen their resiliency and return to health. There are different modalities to our program including art, music, dance/movement, writing, heart rate variability training, biofeedback, and therapy to improve resilience, coping skills and wellness.

Want to Know More? Download our brochures below.