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Nueva Luz Foundation

We are the Nueva Luz Foundation, a non-profit organization based in the Rio Grande Valley with the mission of bringing helping those affected by trauma and PTSD.

Our Mission

Our mission is to further the health, welfare, vocational training, education, safe housing, and quality of life for those affected by trauma and PTSD to include children, Veterans, and families.

Our Motto

Our motto at the Nueva Luz Foundation is Understand, Cope, Prevail. The core of our programs is for us to not just help people through their trauma with therapy. With the traditional therapy, Nueva Luz does it a little differently. Through an education basis, we help people Understand what they are going through, so that way they may Cope with their trauma, and hopefully, they may Prevail from their traumatic experiences and move past it, that way they can have fulfilling lives.

Don't Just Treat... educate.

Education is the empowerment tool used to offer all clients control and power over their situation. The Nueva Luz Foundation is committed to programs that strengthen not only the individual but also the family unit and support successful interactions with the community. The foundation of our programs is a strength, empowerment, and leadership focus. The Nueva Luz Foundation’s philosophy is grounded in the belief that all persons can prevail if offered the right information, opportunity, and support.

How Many Have Overcome

The Nueva Luz Foundation has offered hope to many individuals through its programs offered. Here are our statistics for the number of people we have helped understand, cope, and prevail!

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