This is our staff at the Nueva Luz Foundation. We are a dedicated team here to carry out our mission of furthering the quality of life to those affected by trauma.

Our staff includes three counselors who are certified in trauma-informed counseling. They have been extensively trained in the care of adults and children affected by trauma. Our counselors are led by our clinical director, Dr. Norma Villanueva, LCSW-S, DCSW.

Some of the practices that the counselors have been trained in include:

  • Motivational Intervening and Counseling
  • Readjustment Caregiving: Using a Trauma-Informed Systems Approach
  • Systems and Strengths Theory: Guiding Counseling Strategies

Our staff also includes our Community Liasion as well as our Bookkeeping and IT Specialist and clerks led by our administration team.