Gilbert Lopez

Gilbert Lopez was the Founder of the Nueva Luz Foundation. Himself a veteran of the Air Force, he founded the organization to help those affected by trauma and PTSD. He served as the first President of the Board of Directors as well as the first Executive Director. During his tenure, he worked to provide the highest standards of collaboration, and best practices to increase the impact of services to the community and to  to ensure quality services were always provided at no cost to those needing the help. Although he has passed, his spirit lives on through the Nueva Luz Foundation and the programs it serves to the community.

Dr. Norma Villanueva, LCSW is the Co-Founder of the Nueva Luz Foundation and currently serves as the Foundation’s Clinical Director. Dr. Villanueva is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with her PhD in Psychology. Her experience stems from over 30 years of private practice working with individuals and professionals affected by trauma and PTSD. As Clinical Director, she is instrumental in creating and maintaining our programs that provide direct services to those affected by trauma and PTSD.

Dr. Norma Villanueva, LCSW, DCSW