While the Summer is coming to an end, the back-to-school jitters arrive.

Going back to school and getting back in into a routine can be stressful, not only for the students and teacher but for parents too! It’s important to prepare and organize some type of schedule before school starts. Having a schedule can help reduce stress for everyone. Balancing extra-curricular activities, sports, and even a job, can be extremely difficult, but with the help of an agenda or a well thought out schedule, your problem may just be resolved.

Another important thing to think about is, what classes you’re going to be taking. If you thought of taking interest in a specific elective or AP course, then try it out! It’s important to try out new classes in high school, finding your niche is a possibility of taking new classes. Take that photography class if you’ve been eyeing it for a while! You can find out who you are by trying new things. If you never take that elective you wanted to take, you may regret it later on. So, go ahead! Find your niche! Take that welding class you’ve been wanting to try out. Challenge yourself!

Remember, “You miss 100 of the shots you never take”- Michael Jordan.

Along with the heavy workload, comes with potential procrastination. You have to make sure it does not get the best of you. So, set a goal! Goals can help motivate you to finish your school work with 100% effort and dedication. While setting up goals, make sure they are realistic and achievable. Perhaps set up a series of shorter goals that lead to a bigger one. Plan out your series of goals. Think smart!

“Success doesn’t happen overnight. Keep your eyes on the prize and don’t look back”, Erin Andrews.

While getting back in the just of things, don’t forget to help out in the community, whether it’s your school community or city’s community. Help is help, and help is always wanted. So go ahead and volunteer to help clean and pick up trash around the school campus! May not sound very exciting, but it’s what you make of it. Grab a couple friends, and help clean up. A Little help goes a long way.

I hope everyone has a great start to the new school year, to all students and parents.

May you have a stress-free and non-chaotic school year.

“You’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So… Get on your way!”, Dr.Seuss

-Camila S.