PTSD affects the majority of individuals on various levels having experienced some form of trauma over the course of their lifetime. The designation of DSM-5 further highlights the legitimacy in trying to understand and mitigate the effects of PTSD and identified a need for treatment.

The Nueva Luz Foundation is committed to assisting those that have been affected by trauma and PTSD. We accomplish this through the PTSD Initiative.

The PTSD Initiative professional training series is an enterprise licensed to the Nueva Luz Foundation. The goal of the PTSD Initiative is to educate individuals on the effects of trauma and PSTD on children, veterans, and their families as well as our first responders. The PTSD Initiative offers continuing education training which is ideal for agencies that strive to work with this population and earn their required annual CEU’s.

Photos of Past Training Sessions

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Training Offered

The PTSD Initiative offers training for various populations including Veterans, professionals, and first responders. The following are trainings offered through the Nueva Luz Foundation.

  • PTSD: A Basic Overview
    • For Military Veterans and their families
  • Training for First Responders (including Fire, EMS, Law Enforcement)
    • First Responders: Understand the Impact
    • Behavioral Health Preparedness Training
    • Cooperative Incident Preparedness Training
    •  Spouses: The First Responder’s First Responder : Understanding Trauma
    • Peer Facilitator Training
    • Critical Incident Preparedness: A New Definition of Leadership

To inquire about training, please contact our office at 956-351-5653 or via email at [email protected].